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AI- For Story Telling

Lately, I’ve been using AI to create story art for my various writing projects. The results have been amazing.  The created artwork is inspiring me, in that it leads to new ideas and pathways for story and character development. I’m a visual person, so I draw a lot of ideas from imagining stories onto objects, places, events, and weather. Seeing 2d worlds created from text prompts brings the imagination into the physical world space, and it’s amazing. The AI art has giving me character ideas for the images it has created.

At first the images may be terrible, but the program will learn what you like as it gives you choices to choose from. The more you continue with the same prompt making adjustments, and likes, the image will narrow more to what you ultimately desire. I have created new stories just based on the images, I’ve made. I have also created new images for old stories, and revised my interest. I will try AI story boarding.

            Please check out some of the images and leave comments as to your view on AI. I’ve been seeing AI used all over the internet especially, in YouTube shorts. The images fit well with narrative audio, and a little dramatic music. But I’ve also noticed that the voiceover is also AI generated.


These are all AI generated images of the OpenSource Character, Romare. Each image is a portrayal of Romare in a different dimension, in time and space.

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